Drawing collaboration app
Start creating with anyone, anywhere.

Limeboard is a visual collaboration app designed to empower your creativity through a digital handwriting experience. Organize ideas on infinite boards and collaborate with multiple people in real time. Start creating with us.

Highly recommended for

  • Visualize ideas and get new inspiration
  • Explain information that cannot be conveyed by text chat alone in an accurate and easy-to-understand manner.
  • Empower creativity through visual thinking.

Use cases

  • Notebooks / Mind mapping / Task planning
  • Shared whiteboards / Brainstorming / Graphic recording
  • Creative work / Idea sketching / Storytelling
  • Drawing collaboration / Picture chat / Live painting



Multiple people can visually collaborate in real time on a board.

Infinite board

Visualizing many ideas on a never ending canvas will give you new inspiration.


Stimulate your creativity by changing the look of the app depending on your preferences and motivation.

Background of Product Development

Working on a laptop, while productive and appealing, I have always felt limited in my creative activities.

In recent years, services that promote productivity and work efficiency have risen in the software industry. Also, the speed of practical application of artificial intelligence (AI) is obvious if you look at GAFA and other tech companies in the world.

In such an upcoming AI era, is it all right to judge the true value of humans only by productivity?

We believe that "creativity" is the unique strength that humans have evolved to achieve.
And the experience that inspires this creativity should be in handwriting, not typing.

"Get Creativity Back from laptop typing, through digital handwriting experience."
The experience of creativity and productivity has unlimited possibilities for creating the future.


  • Name "Limeboard"
  • Description Drawing Collaboration App
  • Price Free *Only public beta version
  • Download URL (App Store)
  • Public beta release date July 7, 2020
  • Features Tool palette with Apple Pencil, multi-user collaboration, infinite board
  • Support OS iPadOS
  • Language English, Japanese